Play Snow 2.15kg - by Desert Snow
Play Snow 2.15kg - by Desert Snow
Play Snow 2.15kg - by Desert Snow

Play Snow 2.15kg

Regular price AED 448.00
  • Large particle size plastic settled snow
  • Low dust content - perfect for kids to play
  • Class B1 Fireproof
  • Incredibly realistic
  • Popular for indoor kids parties & events

Easy to hand dress for a kid's party, simply open the box and pour. For easy clean up and to contain the snow, we recommend containing the snow using a paddling pool or similar. 

This product is also popular with visual merchandising & events when just a scattering of snow is required in an area subject to drafts and high traffic, as there is very little dust and the heavier flake results in very little travel.

Not suitable for children ages 0-3.

Coverage Guide:

One 2.35kg box covers 7sqm (2.65m x 2.65m) at 1cm depth.

How to calculate how much you need:

  1. Multiply the length and width in metres (m) of your space to give you the square metre amount (sqm).
  2. Divide this number by 7 to give you the number of boxes for 1cm of snow coverage.
  3. If you require deeper than 1cm; multiply this number by the depth of snow you require in cm.

Example: A 4m x 5m area = 20sqm. 20 divided by 7 is 2.85. So you need almost 3 boxes for 1cm or 6 boxes for 2cm.

Tip: For a kids snow fight area, go for a depth of 4-5cm. Display Snow does not pack together to make snowballs, so you will need to buy Soft Throwable Snowballs.


Download Play Snow MSDS

Download Toy Risk Assessment for Play Snow